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Good Reads For Information Security Domain

For February 2016 OpenSSL Releases Security Advisory for Several Vulnerabilities Drupal Releases Critical Security Advisory for Multiple Vulnerabilities Google Project Zero: The Definitive Guide on Win32 to NT Path Conversion Angler Attempts to Slip The Hook

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Capture DataGridView cell’s KeyPress event

Background It was a challenge for me to achieve this. So I took it and completed successfully. The question is what was the challenge.The challenge was to capture the KeyPress event of DataGridView Cell. Problem How would you achieve this?

Set ComboBox Item color

Background Not sure when this is useful, but its handy code to have when developing windows forms applications. The need can arise when we have to color code the data that we are displaying like status, severity, types, etc. As

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Visual Studio is not debugging

Background It was a very normal day of development for me. As we know that luck does not favors us always, so for me as well. I was doing some coding on my project and wanted to debug the code

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Making stock ticker in c#

Introduction Stock market has always attracted people to invest money, whether it has gone up or down. Many of us made money ­čÖé and few of us must have lost money ­čÖü Now what made me write this article is

Styling WPF datagrid

In this article we will see how easy it is to style WPF DataGrid Following are some properties and values to getting started. Property Type Values Default AlternatingRowBackground Brush Any Brush Null Background Brush Any Brush Theme default ColumnHeaderHeight Double

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Remove Duplicate Words in C#

While developing application its very often that we take input from users, other applications or from some where else. It is very much possible that it may contain some junk or unnecessary value. Even if we put in all kind

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Remove duplicate items from Generic List

Most of times we use extensions like IList, IEnumerable, etc. which comes with .NET Framework 3.5. Other day when I was using these generic list with my custom class, I came across one of its shortcoming. Like it offers methods

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Interesting feature of Visual Studio 2008

Many times what happens is programmer or developer while writing thousands of lines of code, it is very obvious to forget which line of code was changed last? And one will be like this…. ­čÖé To avoid┬á this confusion Microsoft

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