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Good Reads For Information Security Domain

For February 2016 OpenSSL Releases Security Advisory for Several Vulnerabilities Drupal Releases Critical Security Advisory for Multiple Vulnerabilities Google Project Zero: The Definitive Guide on Win32 to NT Path Conversion Angler Attempts to Slip The Hook

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Silverlight unhandled error application code 2105

Most of time when we create Silverlight project and use published code to deploy it on server and land up with this error Error: Unhandled Error in Silverlight 2 application Code: 2105 The point is that when ever you create

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Remove duplicate items from Generic List

Most of times we use extensions like IList, IEnumerable, etc. which comes with .NET Framework 3.5. Other day when I was using these generic list with my custom class, I came across one of its shortcoming. Like it offers methods

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