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Compromising Domain Admin in Internal Pentest

Following blog post is nothing but a copy of actual post from my friend‘s post on getting domain admin in internal penetration testing. It is very simple and easy to understand so thought of putting it on my website. First

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AnDroid Hacking with Metaploit

With tool set currently available, hacking is become very easy. One of the example that we are going to demonstrate is Android hacking. Getting access to handheld devices is becoming more interesting due to kind of applications which are available

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Why so many svchost.exe running

The last time I was checking the Task Manager in windows I was surprised to see the number of svchost.exe processes running. So, did some Google and here I came up with this. This blog try to explain the background

Good Reads For Information Security Domain

For February 2016 OpenSSL Releases Security Advisory for Several Vulnerabilities Drupal Releases Critical Security Advisory for Multiple Vulnerabilities Google Project Zero: The Definitive Guide on Win32 to NT Path Conversion Angler Attempts to Slip The Hook

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Logging In MySQL

Scope: This article demonstrates logging techniques in MySQL to uncover and analyze any mischief attempts done by (outside or inside) user focusing on specific areas in database. Getting Started: Following are the types of logs available in MySQL[1]. Log Type

Android APP Lock By-Pass

I have been using the Innovation of Year device known Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000, and in order to prevent my Image gallery from my notorious friend, who has bad habit to dig into my personal pictures. I installed the App

0wn!ng using xp_cmdshell

Background Well we all know “xp_cmdshell” and its history. It is a windows shell that gets spawns and uses string argument for command execution. The point is what the big deal? Impact The moment you get the access of the

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Change Registered User in Windows

Background It is been question in my mind for long time that when ever we install an application mostly we see the dialog box filled with name. Always wondered from where it came from. Finally came to know that this

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Run Code by impersonating user privilege

Background In my previous post I have explained that how to perform operations on local system using ASP.NET. After using it and putting the same code in testing environment I realize that I throws access denied error when normal user

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Using Directory Services for LOCAL SYSTEM

Background I have been given a task to work with windows users through web, task like change password, etc. I tried searching for articles for the same to finish this asap. But it took more time as all articles were