Android APP Lock By-Pass

I have been using the Innovation of Year device known Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000, and in order to prevent my Image gallery from my notorious friend, who has bad habit to dig into my personal pictures. I installed the App Locker from Google Play.

App Lock installed on Device

App Lock installed on Device

The application gives you the facility to lock all or selected application on your device with password or pattern. So I locked the Gallery using same.

Gallery is Locked by App Lock

Gallery is Locked by App Lock

Then whenever I click on Gallery the prompt of App Locker arises asking for password. Then you enter the password and you’re in the Gallery.

But on my same notorious friend B’day I was clicking the pictures, after taking several pictures I clicked the small square on the left bottom corner in the camera app which takes me to the gallery and I was able to view them, without App Locker asking for password.

And Voila…I by-passed the App Locker in this scenario.

I have tested this By-pass against following App Locker applications in Google Play and it works for all.

1] App Lock – App Protector By Creative Core
2] Smart App Protector By Sputnik
3] Fast App lock By George Android
4] APP Lock By DoMobile Lab

Note: Using the above by-pass the un-wanted recipient can only view the images in Gallery default folder and not of other folders created inside the Gallery.

  • Vinesh

    you can also disable lock by simply going in application manager and clear the data of application lock application .then you can open the gallery directly without using password:) tired on my wildfire s 🙂

  • if so i locked application manager we cannot bypass right vinesh

  • Hi,

    We have developed an app for both screen and app locker. The app also provides a guest mode of access.

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    Best regards,
    Tabrez Alam

  • min min

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  • madonna yumnam

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  • madonna yumnam

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  • Niki Diao

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