Month: July 2011

Solve “Missing Server Side Dependencies” Error in SharePoint 2010

Background Once all the installation of SharePoint 2010 is done we are very excited to see how it looks, its home site, central administration and all. And when we actually see it we have this. Missing Server Side Dependencies The

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SharePoint Performance Issues

With all the enthu we install SharePoint (2007/2010) on our system for development and then we realize that it is the reason for making our system slow. Then we start thinking that we need far more better system with lots

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sp_rename in MS SQL Server

Background When ever we have to change anything in the database we mostly use Management Studio and do the changes. But its always handy to know some useful stored procedure and commands for this kind of stuff. In this article

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Making stock ticker in c#

Introduction Stock market has always attracted people to invest money, whether it has gone up or down. Many of us made money 🙂 and few of us must have lost money 🙁 Now what made me write this article is

Creating Filegroups in SQL Server

Background Daily data transaction will eventually anticipate growth of the database and there will be a need to scale to support the large amount of data. When we start we usually start with a very small database, but if we

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