Month: May 2011

Image to DataBase and from DataBase to PictureBox control (C#)

Background I have been asked about that how would you put an image directly into the database rather saving it in a file system, that’s number one. Then second one was, how would you show the same image or any

If-Else-If Vs. Switch

Introduction There are two methods available in Microsoft .NET framework and C# language for conditional processing where discrete values can be selected from. The Switch statement is more considered to be more efficient than if-else-if ladder, but less flexible. Purpose

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Introduction to ASP.Net Viewstate

Overview In ASP.NET web applications ViewState has always played a key role. But one thing we should keep in mind that nothing comes free, and ViewState is no exception. But before we dive deep in ViewState let’s have look at

Exception Handling Series – Part I

Overview Exception handling can be compared with car accidents. As we human are prone to accidents so as applications are. No matter how good the driver, or how well designed the vehicle, accidents are part of driving experience. The same