soap:Server was unable to process request. —> Value does not fall within the expected range


Most of the time while working with SharePoint Designer(SPD) 2010 we must have faced this error that while opening any page or connecting to any site it gives this pop up this



soap:Server was unable to process request. —> Value does not fall within the expected range

In order to proceed further we need to come to conclusion on what is the issue. The error tells that server was not able to understand the request and hence no response, only error.


SPD does not open the site with name it was originally defined.  For example, the site was created as http://machine_name:3000/, but SPD connects it as http://localhost:3000/


SPD should connect the site with name/url defined at its creation. In order to do this we have change the alternate access mapping of site which we are connecting using SPD.

  1. Go to “Central Administration”
    Central Administration

    Central Administration

  2. Select “System Settings”
    System Settings

    System Settings

  3. Select “Configure alternate access mappings”
    Alternate Access Mapping

    Alternate Access Mapping

  4. Select “Add internal URLs”
    New Alternate Access Mapping

    New Alternate Access Mapping

  5. In Add internal URLs screen select “Intranet” as Zone from drop down listNote: Zone is depending on type of alternate access mapping you have chosen, it could be your internet site, intranet portal, etc.
  6. In case you directly want to jump to Alternate Access Mapping you can use following URLhttp://server:port/_admin/AlternateUrlCollections.aspx

This will solve your problem(s)

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