Month: January 2011

soap:Server was unable to process request. —> Value does not fall within the expected range

Background Most of the time while working with SharePoint Designer(SPD) 2010 we must have faced this error that while opening any page or connecting to any site it gives this pop up this soap:Server was unable to process request. —>

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SharePoint Filtered Lookup Column in a List – 2010

As of now there is no way in Out of Box which will support filtering a lookup column to show only limited set of entries based on certain criteria. One thing to note is that if you modify the New

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Introduction to Claims Based Security

Claims-based identity provides a common way for applications to acquire identity information from users inside their organization, in other organizations, and on the Internet. Identity information is contained in a security token, often simply called a token. A token contains

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“Service Unavailable” in Sharepoint Central Administration 3.0

Service Unavailable is very common error any one can face. And there could be several reasons for the same. This issue may occur if the server that is running Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) 6.0 or higher is could be

Read/Write application’s config file

It is very often that you thought of writing values back to your .NET application’s config file would be more convenient. But the framework only provides the simple methods for reading from the config file, but when it comes to

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